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Write a C.V

Writing a CV to maximise your chances of being noticed – hints and tips to get you to the next round!

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is latin for ‘course of life’, and a resume is typically a shorter summary of your key skills, education, and experiences, and is generally prepared with a specific job in mind. When organisations ask for a ‘current CV’ to accompany your application it is Pipeline’s experience they are asking for a resume. The key point is it must be tailored to the position you are applying for.

Approach your CV preparation as a new opportunity to market yourself. Spend some time understanding the requirements of the role and the organisation and write! Use these tips to get you started:


  • provide your contact information (including location) clearly and on every page
  • be completely factual
  • include a short professional summary and focus it on your ‘value-add’


  • use Plain English (and there is a fabulously helpful organisation called ‘Plain English Foundation’)
  • avoid using pronouns (I, me, they, her…)
  • avoid long sentences and chunky, dense blocks of text’


  • always write in first person
  • use lots of space around your information – it draws attention
  • use a standard font and a standard size
  • avoid the use of colour
  • be consistent


show you are confident using networking services, and add a link to your professional profile

What’s in (Jobs):

  • current job first (reverse chronology)
  • specific date range
  • specific job title and level
  • achievements (for each job)
  • clearly state your achievements, or the difference you made
  • quantify your claims where possible
  • be results focussed
  • clearly state your achievements, or the difference you made
  • wherever possible, make links to the advertised position


  • most recent first
  • be clear on when you finished it (or if it’s still in progress)
  • if ‘Education’ is a mandatory requirement, move this to the front of your CV before your work history

Skills and Particular Strengths:

  • special capabilities you’d like the reader to note

Boards, Committees and Volunteering

  • include name, your role and date period


  • this is a chance to easily show your network and connections
  • include only those who are recent