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15 Oct 2020
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More about Pipeline
10 Jan 2020
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Executive Career Advancement

10 Jan 2020

At this stage of your career, you don’t need another mentor.

To help you win your next role, you need tailored coaching to build your skillset and extend your strengths and capabilities.

Pipeline offers career services tailored for Indigenous executives – including expert resume writers, interview training programs and experienced career coaches, ready to partner with you for your career advancement.

Our coaches will share their experience to support your journey to explore the avenues to greatness.

Executive Coaching is a structured conversation that helps you identify your strengths and challenges in an outcome focussed process that guides you toward achieving your greater potential at work and enhancing your contribution to organisational performance.

Pipeline coaches will lead you through a collaborative approach that emphasises setting goals, building on strengths, exploring options for sustainable change, seeking and reflecting on new perspectives, and committing to sustainable learning and action. You get to set the agenda for change and the plan of action to achieve your goals within a supportive but sometimes challenging learning environment facilitated by the coach in the interests of your professional development.