Sometimes, the most transformative ideas are sparked in the most unexpected places.

For proud Wonnarua woman Rachelle Towart OAM, that lightbulb moment occurred thousands of feet above ground, on a plane to Western Australia. An in-flight magazine article caught her eye celebrating the rise of women in influential roles across corporate, community, and government sectors. While the progress was commendable, Rachelle's intuitive mind posed a different question: What if we replaced 'women' with 'Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people'? How would the statistics fare then?

A swift mental tally revealed the numbers would be virtually non-existent.

It was right then and there that Pipeline Talent was conceptualised – not as a mere recruitment agency but as a movement. A movement bringing First Nations peoples to the forefront, to place them in roles where they could not only contribute but be the decision makers. 7 years on and Pipeline Talent is still growing, making waves in the executive space, connecting excellence, and staying true to creating a workforce landscape that's reflective of Australia's rich Indigenous heritage.


Our Vision

Pipeline Talent's vision is to be recognised nationally as a catalyst for unlocking the talent and career potential of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We are committed to mobilising the careers of First Nations people, providing services and support that enable them to be recognised as national and international leaders who are Indigenous, earning recognition and career progression because of their capabilities.

Our Team

Rachelle Towart OAM

Managing Director

Lesina New
Lesina Gibbs Manuatu

Chief Operations Officer

Cathy New
Cathy Sear

General Manager

Tiana Callaughan

Assistant Director, Talent Acquisition

Megan Ingram
Megan Ingram

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Jay Website
Jay Knapp

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Lachlan Holton
Lachlan Holton

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Amanda Bond
Amanda Bond

Office and Candidate Care Coordinator

Brianna Meddemmen

Marketing and Communications Lead

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