In alignment with actions in the Reef 2050 Traditional Owner Implementation Plan (ReefTO Plan), an independent Reef Traditional Owner Taskforce is being established to take carriage of and drive the actions in the ReefTO Plan to amplify Reef Traditional Owner voices and improve Reef Traditional Owner participation in Reef governance and management. In carrying out its functions, the Taskforce will be guided by and act in the best interests of Traditional Owners across the Reef and ensuring Traditional Owners are overseeing the project.

The Taskforce is not a representative body, but a Traditional Owner-led group with the knowledge and skills required to engage with Reef Traditional Owners on the establishment of an independent Sea Country Alliance to provide Reef Traditional Owners with a strong representative voice for more inclusive, holistic and coordinated management of the Reef. 

Visit Homepage | REEFTO to learn more about the Taskforce and watch the video to hear the Story.

The Taskforce will be hosted by the Pollination Foundation. It is anticipated that Pollination Foundation will act as host until 30 June 2026 or until such time as a Sea Country Alliance is established.

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